Belgium South-France 1804

On February 2, 1804, Julie founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Amiens, France. Some opposition caused her to leave that city in 1809; she went to Namur. Until her death, April 8, 1816, she proceeded with her work of education by opening schools: in France at Montdidier, Rubempré and Raineville and in the future in Belgium at Saint-Nicolas, Namur, Jumet, Saint-Hubert, Ghent, Zele, Andenne, Gembloux and Fleurus. Mother Saint Joseph continued foundations in Dinant, Liège, Thuin, Verviers, Huy, Bastogne and Philippeville.  In all, more than 50 houses and schools were created in France and in South Belgium and 15 in North Belgium. 

In 1968, the Belgian sisters decided to divide into two autonomous provinces:  North Belgium for the Flemish sisters and South Belgium-France for the French- speaking sisters. 

Until the 1960’s, the Belgian sisters dedicated themselves to education in the schools. Then, the ministries became diversified: involvement in the villages and in educational movements for the people, by opening a lodging house, creating a community open to youth, correspondence with prisoners, catechetical work with adults and children, pastoral work in hospitals. Retired sisters and missionary sisters returning from Congo worked in parishes or visited the sick and the elderly.

Some boarding schools founded by Mere Julie :