Connecticut 1959

In 1957, the General Chapter decided to divide what was then the “Waltham” Province. The Fairfield Province (which became Connecticut), officially founded on September 18, 1959, had already witnessed the ministries of the Sisters of Notre Dame for more than 90 years.  Sister Loretto Julia Carroll, the first Provincial, with Sister Patricia Agnes Manning undertook the task of building the novitiate and province center. 

In the area of Western Massachusetts, in Rhode Island and Connecticut, Sisters were involved in education at the elementary and secondary levels and in religious education programs. They responded also to the educational needs of young girls and women.  As the Connecticut  Province grew, the sisters began to open some parish and diocesan high schools.  There was, in this young Province, a strong commitment to education in Catholic school and that commitment continues today through dedicated lay leaders and teachers. 

Today, the Sisters of the Connecticut Province reach out to educate many people through their work with those living in poverty, the sick and infirm.  They are also involved in formal and informal educational programs and in programs for peace and justice.   

They work collaboratively with the Ipswich and Boston Units in providing health care for the sisters and laity.  They are engaged in many collaborative efforts among the Units in the United States.