SND Base Communities 1989

In September 1989, the General Government Group approved the establishment of the new province of Base Communities thus separating it from the Maryland Province. Base Communities’ beginnings are rooted in the informal discussions that occurred within the Maryland Province from 1974-1978 in regard to the varied and often conflicting understandings about the way in which decisions should be made at the Province level and about the most effective way to implement the Congregation’s preference for the poor. In the context of the evolution of the Maryland Province, a group of sisters began to form around shared values and began the process of regrouping which resulted in a new entity. 

The sisters in Base Communities continue to dream for the future, to struggle to find various ways to stand with the poor. They engage in faith sharing to strengthen community and to feel a sense of unity by listening to stories of their ministries. Moreover, they are more and more aware of globalization and the internationality of the Congregation.