Meeting of Julie (age 43) and Françoise (age 38) at the hotel Blin, in Amiens, in 1794

Shortly after the arrival of Julie at the Blin town home, Madam Baudoin proposes to Françoise a meeting with Julie.  The visits become more and more frequent.  Madame Baudoin also brings into this hiding place Father Thomas who becomes Julie’s confessor.

Between 1795 and 1797, Françoise stays at Gézaincourt and at Bourdon to be near her ailing father.  During these two years of separation, Françoise and Julie write numerous letters to each other.  Françoise returns to Amiens after the death of her father.


1795-1815: Annexation to France of the future Belgian provinces
1797 (4-5 September): Law which requires priests to swear an oath of hatred against the monarchy.
1799:  Birth of a new society, the Fathers of the Faith, formed in the spirit of the Company of Jesus.
1799 (9November):  coup d’état of General Napoleon Bonaparte.  End of the Revolution.
1799-1804:  Consulate
1801:  Concordat.  Pope Pius VII recognizes the republican regime and the sale of the Church’s property, while the handling of priests and bishops, named by civil authorities, is put in the hands of the state.