Problems with the Hierarchy in Amiens: 1807-1809
In 1806, Mother Julie’s travels are multiplying with short visits to Amiens where the sisters have opened a flourishing school in the Faubourg-Noyen. 

On January 7, 1807, Julie meets the bishop of Namur with a view to making another foundation . 

Several months later, she is in Bordeaux for a project of affiliation which will not succeed in the end.

In Amiens, the difficulties only increase.

In July 1807, Father de Sambucy becomes superior of the congregation, after the departure of Father Leblanc.  In complete disagreement with the views of his predecessors, and notably with Father Varin, Father de Sambucy wants a return to the organizational structures of former monasteries, without a superior general and without any ties between houses.  He does not tolerate being uninformed of Julie’s travel plans, he accuses her of disobedience to her superiors and of harshness toward her sisters.  Also he requires that Sister St. Joseph bequeath her entire fortune to the single house in Amiens.  The two foundresses refuse these proposals.  Father de Sambucy cleverly influences the Bishop of Amiens, Monsignor Demandolx, and manages to oblige Julie to leave the diocese on January 12, 1809.

Three years later, in 1812, Monsignor Demandolx expresses his regret for having removed Julie from his diocese and invites her to return.  But it is too late and all the houses established in France are closed. 


1809: Pius VII prisoner at Fontainebleau