This large rosary belonged to Mère Julie. The Mothers General who succeeded her wore it until 1940. Mère Monique de la Passion Cursters was the last Mother General to wear it.

Painting of the suffering Christ which was venerated in the church of Gembloux. Mère Julie used to stop there to pray in front of this picture whenever she entered this church.

This little ivory statue of our Lady of Guadalupe was sent by the Sisters of N-D missionaries in Guatemala in 1865. The statue comes from the family of Sister Rosalía, a native of Guatemala. The family had had it in its possession for a long time.

It is the picture of our Lady of Guadalupe which was engraved on the medals given by Father Varin to Julie and her two companions when they made their first vows.  The devotion of our Lady of Guadalupe was the devotion of that era.