At no. 430 rue de Lataule:  the Billiarts, a family of shopkeepers
Jean François Billiart (from Cuvilly) marries Marie-Louise Antoinette Debraine (from Maignelay) in 1739.  Julie’s parents own a little shop with fabrics and notions as well as a parcel of land to sustain the family.  They have nine children; four die at a young age and two die in adolescence.

  • Louise Antoinette 1739-1741
  • Marie Louise Angélique 1742-1764
  • Marie Rose 1743-1750
  • Marie Madeleine Henriette 1744-1819
  • Bonaventure 1747-1750
  • Jean Baptiste 1749-1765
  • Marie Rose Julie 1751-1816
  • Louis François 1754-1832
  • One child died on the day of birth 31/11/1759


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