Dedicated to Christian Education February 2, 1804 at Amiens

After more than two years spent in Bettencourt, Father Thomas, Julie and Françoise return to Amiens in February 1803.  From August 1803, the two friends welcome little orphans in a modest house on the rue Neuve where they will stay until 1806.

On February 2, 1804, Julie, Françoise and Catherine Duchâtel (who was to die several months later) make their vows of chastity and commit themselves to consecrate their lives to Christian education .  They take the name of Sisters of Notre Dame and receive a rule from Father Varin. 

With her legs still paralyzed, Julie experiences difficulties in the realization of her apostolate.  One fine morning, Father Enfantin, a Father of the Faith, invites her to make a novena to the Sacred Heart, without letting her know the reason.  Julie accepts and, on the first of June, 1804, she is miraculously cured. 

Afterwards, Julie is able to participate in the large mission preached in Amiens by the Fathers of the Faith.  She then accompanies them to Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme and to Abbeville where she evangelizes the people. 

The new-born community grows.  On October 15, 1805, Julie, Françoise, Victoire Leleu and Justine Garson pronounce their religious vows.  The next day, Mother Julie is elected superior general. 

On February 2, 1806, during the chanting of the Nunc dimittis, Mother Julie has a vision of the future apostolate of the congregation which will cross the seas and carry to the world the message of the “Good News.” 

On June 19, 1806, the articles of the “Association called Notre Dame” are approved by Napoleon.  The opening of free schools is authorized.


"Rule of Saint Benedict" used by Julie

La Règle du B. Père S. Benoist avec l’abrégé de la vie et une paraphrase sur les paroles de la profession religieuse, Nouv. Éd. à Paris, au Palais, chez P. de Bats, à l'image S. François, 1738.

Manuscript note on the first page:  "Marie Rose Julie Billiart on 16 July 1806 at Amiens, rue Neuve "Lives Jesus in all the hearts"

Note the inscription on the first page: "marie rose julie Billiart ce 16 juillet 1806 à Amiens dans la rue neuve vive jésus dans tous les coeurs" - and on the last page : "vive mon jésus dans tous les coeurs et surtout que le ... je vive que de son très pur, et divin amour, et que cet amour se consume dans tous les instants de ma vie afin que je ne sois plus qu'une victime d'amour. vive mon jésus de marie"

This bronze Crucifix was venerated by the sisters in the first community of Amiens.  It was a souvenir of Françoise Blin's family.

Prie-Dieu of the Ladies Oeuillio, members of the parish of Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme, in France. It recalls for us Julie's sharing in the mission given by the Fathers of the Faith in this parish in 1804. Julie was given hospitality in the house of the Oeuillio ladies during this mission.  This prie-Dieu, property of the Parish of St. Valery on the Somme, was given to the Sisters of Namur in October 1985.